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John Lewis

Sub Aviator Systems
SAS Managing Director
Have sub ~ will travel.
John Lewis and Jay Wade co-founded Sub Aviator Systems with the goal of advancing underwater flight technology to create submersibles that would be fast, maneuverable and fun to fly, but also safe, practical and simple to operate.  So far the most rewarding part of that effort for John has been the privilege to fly as chief pilot and flight school instructor aboard the SAS Super Aviator submersible.  Following its extensive redesign completed in partnership with Nuytco Research, Super Aviator has exceeded all performance expectations, and proved itself extremely capable as a platform for scientific research, search and survey missions and especially as an underwater film platform. Knowledge gained during Super Aviator’s expeditions and underwater flight schools has been invaluable in developing SAS’s production submersible, OrcaSub.  When not soaring underwater, John’s home port is Vancouver, British Columbia.